Get Rewarded For Being Healthy

SELF Platform helps people on their journey toward improved health and wellness. Earn
SELF coins through walking, burning calories, practicing meditation, and tracking your
sleep. Then, spend them on exciting rewards, services or convert SELF Coins into cash
using the SELF Card.

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SELF Platform Features

Become A Better You


Practice meditation and good sleeping habits and earn SELF coins for improving yourself. Stay motivated in keeping your mind sharp through our reward-based system.


Earn SELF coins by connecting your wearable devices and importing health data to our platform. Get personalized challenges to encourage you on your journey.


Redeem your SELF coins in the SELF Marketplace for products, gift cards, restaurant discounts, and other exciting rewards.


Coming soon

Get personalized astrological reports on your
day, life, and circumstances to help you on your wellness journey.


Coming soon

Our chat bot feature utilizes machine learning methods like Natural Language Processing, Activity Tracking, and Astrological Transits to personalize goals & challenges for each user.

How Does It Work?

Right now, each SELF Coin is worth $0.01.

As more active users come to the platform on their health journey, SELF Coin raises in value.

  • 10,000+ Active Users: $0.01
  • 25,000+ Active Users: $0.02
  • 50,000+ Active Users: $0.03
  • 75,000+ Active Users: $0.04
  • 100,000+ Active Users: $0.05

Each user receives a SELF card that converts coins into cash in real time for use across their account and various locations.

Digital Withdraw

SELF Coin can be transferred to any non-custodial wallet address under the Binance Smart Chain Network. To Learn how to set up a Metamask wallet click the link below.

How To Create MetaMask Wallet

Data Security

SELF Chain, our blockchain security, stores all data and SELF coins in a secure, HIPPA & GDPR compliant database unique to the user. Powered by Burst IQ, SELF platform is part of the most advanced data network exchange on the planet. You can rest easy that your data will never be sold without your consent and that everything you provide is safely secured.


Purchase wearable devices to connect with your SELF app and increase rewards.

Apple Users

Apple users can purchase an Apple Watch to track their wellness journey & earn additional SELF Coins.

Android Users

Android users have a variety of options for wearable devices including Samsung watches, Pebble watches, and more.